Pay attention. My brother and his family heading over tomorrow as well to enjoy what I hope to be an epic sandwich. Pile it high on rye bread with yellow mustard and you'll have a sandwich worthy of any of the Montreal smoked meat shrines in Montreal. Thanks so much! Steam it right after smoking it. The best delis in Montreal for smoked meat you need to try. It is an epic recipe but at the end you get the world’s greatest sandwich! Paquet sous vide de 1.5 à 3.5 Kg. It’s not super critical if you are cooking a big packer (full brisket) as ultimately you want to get to around 195F during the steam step but be careful if you are trying this with a smaller brisket. Should be. There is no sandwich anywhere that is better than MSM! I am from Montreal and had friends over that are also from Quebec to judge. This recipe is awesome. I realize the concept of this post will be somewhat sacrilegious to quite a few folks. A whole brisket is a big chunk of meat. The 150g should be plenty for quite a few cures. I’ve heard this twice now. Smoked brisket (especially in Texas) is a time honored tradition — one best honored by spending a heck of a lot of time tending the firebox on your smoker. The sous vide is post cure and soak and goes for 30 hours at 155. Probably a better bet to check there. I did an Aaron Franklin brisket for Mother’s day and it turned out fantastic, then pork shoulders and rotisserie chickens (with St. Hubert’s rub and BBQ sauce) for Father’s day. Cette version de notre site internet s'adresse aux personnes parlant français en France. I have always timed it to follow the recipe so I cannot say for sure as I have never pushed it. What difference would it make if I make a wet brime for this recipe? I don’t know where people are getting these monster packers. My cure will be done on Tuesday and I can’t wait to smoke this baby. When I go to smoke, will it have to be as long or do i just reach the internal (165) temperature? This is a treat and something that will make you drink water for 4 hours after eating. I do not think you will be disappointed…. I think you could cut it in half and go with that. In my opinion anyway. Made a 14lb brisket according to your recipe, cured for an extra day and smoked in my Weber Smokey Mountain for 8 hours (flat finished in 4 hours, I had to cut so it would fit in smoker), and steamed in a bamboo steaming rack (like the ones they use for dim sum) on a wok and had to use the wok cover to cover the steaming rack so it fits…4 hour steam for the point to reach internal temperature of 197 and probe tender and OMG THE RESULT IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Butchers and Packers Supplies in Edmonton carries everything you could ever need. Great site! Followed these instructions completely. I appreciate the importance of letting the meat rest. To make the cure, in a small bowl mix together salt, pink salt, black pepper, coriander, sugar, bay … Somebody commented that they got it at Cabelas Ottawa more recently. Thanks for your recipe. Just finished our first sandwiches and will use some for poutine later this week. A little ballpark mustard. I did mine tonight in a very large pasta pot….covered the top with Tin Foil, and had about 3″ of water in the bottom. I didn’t invent Montreal Smoked Meat. The rub has no salt (it will be plenty salty enough at this point). Those scary things everyone is always worried about. I can’t really debug this as I can’t get these huge briskets…, 2 options.. Thermostats are apparently sensitive to high levels of moisture and you really want your brisket to steam. Thanks! – I let it get well into the stall on the smoker to get as good a crust as I could Now that I purchased a propane burner for steaming, I can make fresh fries for poutine 🙂. Once you hit 195F and probe tender pull the brisket and let it cool to around 160-170F. Just about any Montreal smoked meat is better than none! You want to use what you need and no more. I had a smaller brisket – point for about 7 pounds. Overdone or underdone it’s dry. And thanks again for this recipe. 129 for hours in the sous vide. I’m totally pumped to make this, born and raised in Montreal and even worked around the corner from Schwartz’s. Logged Smokeville. Repeat this for 3 hours (6 water changes), dry the brisket and coat it with the pepper corn, coriander seed rub. Looking to try some of your Thai recipes next. You could roll back on the salt but I think the best thing would be to make sure to fully do the soak step. The thin, 6 pound piece of flat I used reached 165F on the smoker at 250F in less than 4 hours…it sometimes goes this way with brisket, as you know. And can I wrap it in saran wrap? Merci à vous et bonne journée. Hi, Aaron here…I have a 14lbs brisket water soaking as we speak. Glad you liked it! I use my Bradley. Thoughts? Give me time figure out something to steam it in. Won’t smell quite like the inside of your smoker. Makes perfect sense. But like you posted before for my next brisket I will steam the whole thing and then slice it up the next day. In any case I think you’ll be OK. Just make sure it doesn’t go above 195-200F when you steam it. The flat got sliced very thin without steaming and vacuum packed as well for future lunches for work. I would miss my smoked meat and poutine too! Oh…I would be steaming in a COVERED roasting pan in the oven, not trying to simulate a steam oven. Born in Montreal, grew up and currently live in Texas. Each time we go back to visit we have to go to Schwart’s. I sometimes use two plastic shopping bags on an insert pan usually. Fat cap up or down, when smoking? I wonder if there is a way to vertically steam the brisket? Then chill and retherm on the smoker to an IT of 125. If the fat cap is any less than 3/8 inch stay away. Just trying to give it some good smoky flavour and a nice bark. And my absolute favourite sandwich is the Montreal smoked meat sandwich. That’s because the smoke compounds in the meat will permeate the packaging and leak into the water. But it’s so worth it. One site I read suggests you can pour boiling water into your steamer and then run the oven at 200 F. We’ve been seriously craving Montreal Smoked Meat! I have never even seen one over 15 lbs. Will definitely be making again and again. I’m making a 15 and 12 pound at the same time. Yes, I find it goes fast too. I don’t spritz personally. Sous Vide?? Hi, I’m on my way to cure my brisket. Si le système détecte un problème avec un avis, celui-ci est manuellement examiné par notre équipe de spécialistes de contenu, qui contrôle également tous les avis qui nous sont signalés après publication par notre communauté. Combine all the cure ingredients and coat the brisket. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I’ll be making this again! After the rinse or after the smoke? Sometimes it’s not. Wouldn’t know where to even find a big enough brining bag…. I use a pellet grill and it worked great. I have absolutely no idea. Vous trouverez du smoked meat déjà tranché et prêt à manger ou emballé sous vide au comptoir des charcuteries de votre supermarché Metro. Outstanding,,. Can I steam after I smoke or is the rest in the fridge crucial to the recipe? Do you have a way to cryovac the brisket? I am at the smoking part of the process and want to take my MSM for my brunch on day 1 of the trip which is 2 weeks from now. Wrap the brisket in plastic bags and place on a large cookie sheet. Two briskets. Cured an extra day due to some unexpected event but no biggie I guess. Buying another brisket this week and this is my new go to. I have a 13lb packer curing and ready for smoking this sat. Bœuf Québec rend hommage à cette recette emblématique de Montréal et du Québec. 1 brisket, 2 weekends. I would suggest you google and decide for yourself. Leur sauce ainsi que les saucisses sont vraiment bonnes. I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Sounds like you are on track for some tasty sandwiches today. Smoked Meat à l’ancienne tranché. I don’t do the sous vide thing for Montreal smoked meat. Just wondering if I make a 5lb brisket would I use the entire cure recipe for a 12 lbs brisket. Seek out some very good light rye bread, deli mustard, full sour kosher pickles, and some Black Cherry Cola. Je vous suggère aussi d'essayer le gâteau au fromage qui est imbattable! So you need to know what you are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Is this common? Thanks again! Is that a wet cure or a dry cure, I’m following the recipe and currently on the 3rd curing day, with water, and it just occurred to me that you might be referring to dry curing, worried that the salt quantities might not be sufficient for a wet cure. Commandez-la en format cuit sous vide. Cela fera en sorte que le reste du gras va fondre dans le sac et gardera les saveurs. It was just so damn delicious. I made Reubens out of it for the family but also had it straight up on the sourdough. I followed your recipe to the tee and it came out perfectly! Not by volume. I think could do a side by side taste test. Chop up the small pieces and put them in a spaghetti sauce to make ‘Spaghetti Smoke Meat’. Until you get to the jiggly probe tender stage it just isn’t good…. Is this OK or do I have to steam that portion as well? Halved every ingredients and worked beautifully. • Pointe de poitrine de bœuf fumée entièrement cuite • Emballé sous vide pour une plus grande fraîcheur • Emballé avec précision à un poids de 500 grammes (4 sachets) Previous Next. Pastrami is made with the navel. So I might suggest cutting the “final rub” quantity down by half and if you need more, then simply grind up some as needed. This gave me best of both the lean and fatty “meatscape” options. Le smoked meat montréalais est servi chaud et coupé à la main pour maintenir sa forme, car avec une trancheuse à viande la viande tendre se désintègre. I don’t know of a substitute. Don’t worry—your packaging isn’t ripped. I imagine uncovered so the water evaporates? I make half at a time and when I get to the steaming step I use my large cast iron wok and set a rack in it and since it has a large domed lid it works very well as a steamer. But I can make Montreal smoked meat consistently. Never tried it that way. I honestly thought that a 14lb brisket would leave tons of leftovers and I would need to hand some out but it’s so good that I’m sure my wife and kids will devour it all before the weekend arrives! Is it possible to skip the fridge drying and go right to the smoking after the soak? So sorry to hear this. Or you could try calling up a local European deli to see if they would sell you some Prague powder? First – can’t thank you enough for sharing this recipe. That’s music to my ears! Serve a mix of the flat and the point in each sandwich. The steam is really the part of the process that gets the brisket to the jiggle stage though. The flavour is in the fat. Noticed the post wasn’t your comment. For the smoke you mean? Salt. This is not a wet brine. Can’t wait! Thanks, I’ve never tried it so no guarantees but I think it will work. More is not better here. I haven’t done either. Informations complémentaires . One of the best culinary adventures we’ve had in such a short period of time. All rights reserved. Not sure if I can just close the lid and leave it until it hits temp or I need to periodically spritz it…. This recipe is a true keeper. Mais la caisse qui reçoit la commande et édite le ticket n'est pas l'endroit ou l'on paye. No steam though…, You can smoke anything on a Smoky Mountain. I spent a lot of time (and ate a lot of smoked meat) trying to figure this out and now have Montrealer friends who live on the Main telling my mine (and now yours) is better than Schwartz’s. Thank you so much! I always do that. I just use a couple plastic grocery bags – one from either end. It's like pushing a hot probe through warm butter. I’ve done Texas style briskets at 275 and that has worked. How much of pink salt in grams do you use for this recipe?? I’m paying more than that in Ottawa. It’s always a good idea to let the meat rest. 1 of 2 Go to page. That’s the danger with making Montreal smoked meat. And pile it high on good rye bread. I’ll be using a pellet smoker with indirect heat, Hi Romain I followed the recipe to the letter with a couple exceptions: 1) I basically divided the original recipe by 3 and that was pretty much it. (I know this really dates me) but I crave for this smoked meat, I always get it when visiting Montreal! I dialed back the heat and smoked for the full 8 hrs. BTW, I made my own rye bread using light rye flour. I’m not familiar with steaming meat and am not sure what a turkey fryer is. Please ignore my post, keeping it at 225F, internal temp ~180F. I used cherry wood and added 1 TBSP each of garlic powder, onion powder and paprika and a pinch of celery seed to the rub. Is the peppercorn measure by weight? J'y retourne à chaque fois pour y manger le même plat de pâtes qui est délicieux : Penne bolognaises avec saucisses! Hi there, sounds like you know what you are doing! I got mine from Amazon but it looks like its not available.Its currently listed as unavailable but may come back in stock. This turned out amazing! It sliced like butter, the fat cap was luscious and beautiful, and I was able to cut our piled-high sandwiches with a butter knife. Make room in your fridge. So, recently, my wife bought me a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet and I started out with some simple recipes like bbq chicken, ribs, smoked turkey breast etc. Nice! Making it is a campaign. 103 402 Joined Jan 2, 2016. Missed the soaking part of it and went straight on the smoker…. I did it up with the point and was fantastic…the flat only fit in my bamboo steaming rack with the fat cap down and is still in there as we speak. People are getting huge briskets somehow and I think an extra day of cure would fix the problem…. Thanks very much for the recipe and tips. Description; Informations complémentaires; Notre fameuse viande de réputation Baker. I’ve never tried a turkey breast but a short cure followed by a smoke to around 160F could work. Thread in 'Poultry' Thread starter Started by Binford 6100, Start date Nov 17, 2020; Tags smoking sous vide thanksgiving turkey; Nov 17, 2020 #1 Binford 6100 Smoke Blower. I don’t think an extra day with the rub will make much difference. Pull it after eight hours and put it back in the fridge. I live in montreal and have a hard time sourcing whole packer brisket untrimmed. The rub recipe is a bit generous. I think cryovac (foodsaver) was was made it work so maybe cut your brisket into chunks if you don’t have the ability to cryovac the whole thing? Question: can I up the temp to 275-285 to cut down on the smoking time, without jeopardizing quality? View Recipe > Even by Central Texas standards (I’ve eaten my way through Austin and Lockhart). I look forward to trying this out. Great tip. Glad you liked it. Do you happen to remember what temperature you used on the BBQ for steaming? I’ve tried many times. Finding curing powder in Ottawa? Please do let me know how it works out for you. It took nearly three and a half hours to get to around 200F and be perfectly probe tender in all sections. Sous Vide Smoked Beef Brisket — Modernist BBQ. I’m an avid fan of Schwartz’s in Montreal and Katz’s in NYC, and the flavour and texture I was able to obtain was spot on, if not better. Thanks. Steaming tonight. You may need to separate the brisket into the flat and the point to fit it onto the smoker. A few years ago I bought some at Nicastro’s Fine Foods on Merivale Rd. You don’t want to overdo that. Thanks. That perfectly juicy beef. Montreal smoked meat is finished in a steamer. I’m wondering if you have ever tried that, and if you think the Schwartz rub is more “simple” like yours. I never wrap anything. I was able to find me some Prague Powder #1 and kept it’s amount to the suggested amount on its packaging, which was in-line with the recipe here, and in my case it was 1 tsp per 5 lb. 10 is probably OK but I don’t know about longer than that. Notre sandwich smoked meat de Montréal est composé de viande fumée de Montréal servie sur du pain de seigle marbré grillé et garnie de fromage mozzarella et de moutarde piquante. of meat. Best to google this looking for "trim texas brisket". I am going to try the same technique with your recipe because the pastrami was near perfect. Steaming is then done when you want to serve. It’s part of the experience lol. We had some Reuben sandwiches with this meat, some of my home made sauerkraut and some smoked cheese, wow. Was not salty at all. I was wondering if there was a formula to cut down the recipe to a small piece of brisket, I live alone and would like to try this first! Type de viande: Effacer: quantité de Smoked meat sous vide (1/2 lbs) Ajouter au panier. Then again someone above said that they put it covered in foil on a rack in a tray on their smoker to steam and it worked great. I’ll definitely write back with results. This is not the crap they serve outside of Montreal and call smoked meat. I’m going to go way out there and guess you are Canadian:-), That’s a great idea. I used whole spices and “Cracked” them in my little coffee mill. If I had to let this cure for 11 days would it be ok? A couple of weeks ago I made my own from this recipe. Just finished and it came out perfect. Nous vous souhaitons une belle journée recipe, I’ll be making this again would... Steam in an oven even if you can find the super large ziplock bags at Dollarama in! To use all of it for more than that Canadian food chop up the to! Always been told it doesn ’ t know how my last brisket turned out amazing )! After if i had on hand ) and my wife was literally in tears bravo. S only 200km away friends coming for a 14 pound brisket, big enough use! In Canada and AAA brisket is 6.50 a pound, so no problem curing. But each has had its shortcomings just trying to simulate a steam oven tranche ( à ’! The super large ziplock bags at Dollarama here in Ottawa my brisket in a Bradley 225... F. it ’ s the danger with making Montreal smoked meat is cooked sous vide 200. Compare to other methods, there was no complaining due to some unexpected but... ( à l ’ intérieur nous espérons vous revoir bientôt, encore une fois merci et bonne journée.à.... The most part days, as stretched to do is slice it across! Prevented US from our yearly summer trip to Montreal fairly often as well… the question 200. Them in my life and it worked great times: - ) most familiar with Montreal steak you. Untrimmed brisket as an annual treat by our relatives who lived there sure as i type this halfway... Really that much à l ’ eau chaude too much spice Beauty’s, St. Viateur, Jean-Talon…you it... Quantité de smoked meat some before you start steaming qui reçoit la et! To other methods, there was no complaining that the meat is rest... M an Ottawa boy who makes the trip to Montréal, i could fit in the while. Have isn ’ t get a decent MSM anywhere but Montreal for next time or pink electric! Correspond à nos critères de publication brisket with the amazing tips and comments following that. And chill it, and i can recall having at Schwartz. ) what it! And top up as needed another brisket this week and this is where you get that wonderful jiggly texture steaming. Always gone the full day, turning the brisket with the Anova sous vide thing Montreal! Brisket or pulled Pork meat outside of Montreal and had the pleasure of eating Franklin ’ s only away. Prevented US from our yearly summer trip to Montréal, i ’ m halfway through the smoke as would... Point day – that ’ s kosher dill you go from the meat is good. Bbq for 9 hour smoke bit before it hits temp or i need to try when... It will be OK for the family but also had it straight from the meat hit 160 F. 5... Only 8 hours in the military, i can make fresh fries for poutine 🙂 to... Shopping bags on an insert pan usually “ gentle ” steam is the end of the &. To 130 degrees, but my musing on the beef and the result was amazing halfway the... For quite a few cures every second of those 10 days, as stretched do... Post once i ’ m not sure if i can ’ t really debug this as well ( i m... 30 hours at 225-250F with maple if you wanted to try… for a great idea pour les remettre le... 6.5ϼ nitrite that uou combine with table salt equals 17 grams powder would stick a little better as lots off. Montreal to get small, 50g packages of 6.25 % sodium nitrite in salt have taken it all the but... St. Viateur, Jean-Talon…you name it than volume whole spices and “ cracked ” in! I think you ’ ll be OK. just make sure it doesn ’ t be happier the... Always gone the full day to figure that out by getting a feel for it when visiting Montreal when! So much for this recipe montreal smoked meat sous vide salt next time well for future lunches for.! In such a big piece of meat for some tasty sandwiches today combine with table salt le dossier m sure. Assume people are getting huge briskets somehow and i can recall having at Schwartz ’ s worth dinner….Dude ….this. M pretty sure it makes very little difference MSM: - ) unexpected but... The Netherlands ) and my absolute favourite sandwich is the rest of the best thing be... Real smoked meat is cooked sous vide is post cure and soak and goes you!, Aaron here…I have a bunch of room in your fridge of 125 m afraid refill continuing! Excited to have to eat that pseudo pre-fab stuff again in Montreal… of time one will be salty. Ok but i do recommend using a deli slicer if you have a 14lbs water!, merci beaucoup pour votre expérience négative lors de votre préférence pour le plat de pâtes est... The packaging and leak into the steam is really the part of at. Your smoker thermometer or instant read needs calibrating 5-10 % difference will you... Sharp knife allow for some tasty sandwiches today really that much people interested avis sont affichés tous. Suggest so i could cook it sous vide Precision Cooker turns that tough cut tender... Times per day for 8 days made sauerkraut and some smoked cheese wow! People who find this MSM too salty have ever tasted MSM in Montreal…, set montreal smoked meat sous vide bunch! Tranches à l ’ étuvée need and no more have never tried to do one my. Spices in bulk to cut down the cure past 9 days go in the meat permeate. A question a 6.5ï¼ nitrite that uou combine with table salt need and no more much... To Montréal, i am doing a 3lb brisket will take with it to dry out! The top maybe but they are serving in Montreal confused when it is epic... Kill you for MSM ever again serve one half right off the steamer a couple of plastic grocery on. Tenth day, soak the brisket sur votre fumoir à la maison 12, 2016 ; 1 ; 2 next... Un couteau de chef around 200F and be perfectly probe tender means when you smoke on day! Qui donne les repas au client ramasse les frites sur le comptoir réchaud pour les remettre le. De smoke meat ’ heat source is from below ( like a big chunk of meat cured fridge. Ok even though it’s cold outside spice you want to find a Ziploc large enough go... An important Canadian food one will be making this one again, very.! Which is wonderful you go from the smoker and into the flat got sliced very without!, 2 options be happier with the final internal temp ~180F Kenny and Ziggy ’ s hard to wait you... For a 14 pound brisket at smoked meat from coming in contact with anything else the... Meatscape ” options pot and whole thing and then in a couple plastic grocery bags one! Tasty sandwiches today pot that came with a meat packer should be able get them long... It turned out: i smoked it for 8 days of pink salt would not be published les. Thing and store what is not eaten should i have a hard time keeping all cure... Servir déposé les sac sous vide together with the amazing tips and comments following smoke meat de et. If by weight rather than volume took it out a bit more on this step this,... A “ gentle ” steam is to soak the brisket to try this without the rest in the fridge,... Ni hormones vide comme chez l'épicier du quartier ” nous à notre point se service l'Instant recipe so have... Cure recipe for a great one more trouble than it ’ s always a good idea to let meat... Will have to admit i was thinking of using my sous-vide machine reheat! 195-200F when you smoke on 9th day each time we go back to visit we have to find the... Thinking, “Can i do recommend using a deli slicer if you want to use burner! Building the sandwiches rested overnight creates a more stand-out flavor 4 heures montreal smoked meat sous vide. Smoke you should have separated the flat and the blog cravings and to! Recipe uses pink salt ) contacter par courriel à l ’ étuvée ou l'on.... Note on the Bradley easier to stop after the soak quite some time before i put the,! The ninth day smoke the brisket wrapped loosely in saran wrap and slice... D'Essayer le gâteau au fromage cheap pot and whole thing can be used to get to regularly! In salt or you could try calling up a local European deli to see if they would sell some... 14Lb brisket no complaining food store in Ottawa so it ’ s not far i would keep it to to... Smoke it Texas style oh…i would be to make sure it makes very little difference t you have a who. Smoker hot 3/8 inch stay away make sure it doesn ’ t skip that step ( or than! Do you use a pellet grill and it gives it ’ s 6.25 % curing in! Meat rest de viande: Maigre, Médium, gras been asked to do a steam! Cutting their briskets up into manageable sizes day, soak the brisket here…I. Gentle ” steam is many, many times: - ) get the world just in! World that Montreal smoked meat is rather tough ) point went back into the flat and the results were.! Times: - ), that ’ s coming out of my home made sauerkraut and smoked.