3) competition 4) amensalism. Some examples of INTERSPECIFIC competition are a hyena against a vulture competing for food. Some examples of interspecific competition include competition between lions and tigers for similar prey and weeds growing in the field along with the paddy while some examples of intraspecific competition include finding mating partners, territorial competition, and dominance competition between members of the same species. Interspecific competition is when the same species (animal or organism) fights for the same thing. 1. Example interspecific competition: all apes except for omnivorous apes compete for food in the ecosystem. Removed soil moisture, minerals. The animal kingdom is not the only environment where interspecific competition is observed. Example Overview of Interspecific Competition And Effect Of Species Richness It is competition among individuals of different species. Orangutan and spider monkey survive by … food or living space). In this case, the aphid species that consumes the most resources leaves less for the other. That means it can not happen between a lion and an elephant. Competition coefficients have two subscripts, one for each species involved in the competition. presence of both intraspecific and interspecific competition. Many observations that look like the result of interspecific competition could be explained by mechanisms other than interspecific competition and/or 2. By convention, the species affected is listed first, and the species causing the effect is listed second. Competition coefficients. For example, the gorilla and lar gibbon eat leaves, fruit, and bark. Interspecific : Interspecific competition, in ecology, is a form of competition in which individuals of different species vie for the same resource in an ecosystem (e.g. The reasons for intraspecific competition are not necessarily very different from interspecific competition, or competition between different species. The species richness will be affected adversely with the rise of interspecific competition, which is the competition observed between different species for the same area and the common food sources. Examples of it are especially common among animals. 1) predation:- types of negative interaction in which larger species called Predator attack kills and feed on the smaller species is called prey. These are the Lotka-Volterra equations. Could result from evolutionary forces in the past, and not from ecological interactions today E.g., Joseph Connell's "ghost of competition past" 3. Interspecific struggle: examples from the animal kingdom. α As a result of this type of competition,certain relationships arise between individuals of different systematic groups. Usually, competition among members of the same species is actually stronger than competition between species. Competition for exploitation: a species consumes and uses a resource more efficiently, reducing its availability for others. All species may compete intraspecifically, if individuals of those species are close enough that they must share resources. So, the basis of the relationship between the predator and the victim is the interspecies struggle for existence. It also help in biological control in which members of harmful species are regulated by the members of useful Predator species. It is not even the elevated parts that conflict, but the root systems. An example is a competition among aphids that consume the sap of trees. 1. Some species inhibit others in different ways. Examples of such a struggle are found among plants. Competition is much like what humans call economics: it is the way in which organisms decide who will use the Earth's scarce resources.