I ordered my PS5 from Direct on Thursday 12/12 and I am using the FedEx app to track my order. Free shipping . Gamestop did respond by giving them Fedex tracking number which showed my ps5 bundle was delivered. Two guys on Reddit claim that their UPS and Fedex accounts updated with info saying a tracking label had been created from Target for their PS5. Part of my bundle (not the actual XSX or PS5) had the same issue as you. FedEx will say call Gamestop, Gamestop will say it's on FedEx. Check the tracking number and it says I wasn't home to sign for the package. Neither side will update you at that point. GameStop is trending on Twitter, and many of the tweets include angry customers complaining about recent PS5 restocks. Both items said delivery was expected on Tuesday 10am-3pm. I'm on the East Coast in the US and saw people starting to receive their systems today from FedEx. They’ll allocate based on when the preorders happened Your probably right. I had a different experience than the other users. It was waiting for pickup for 5-7 days. For those lucky enough to pre-order a PS5 console directly from the PlayStation site and are part of the first wave of shipment, you’ll be glad to know that Sony has officially begun shipping out the hardware just in time for the November 12 launch. Is Gamestop going to ban me for this? I was one of the lucky people that was able to order a PS5 digital edition through Walmart on December 17th. One for my Series X and another for PS5. FedEx’s response doesn’t instill us with much confidence, but the truth is that this scam, at first glance, is particularly hard to differentiate from a legit FedEx tracking alert. Take it with a grain of salt as they are literally the ONLY two guys who are saying that. I wouldn’t sweat it at all. I was able to get a ps5 on the 19th on Walmarts 3pm. Ships immediately! Member. A couple of weeks after your purchase is completed you will receive a tracking number from us. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience it has caused. The b3smg.info types of links and pages feature a tracking link to not only a fake FedEx and USPS webpage, but DHL, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, or Australian Post as well. Target still says preparing shipment but mine has a FedEx tracking number so I’m golden. Its coming from Florida. It’s about 10 lbs plus all the packaging and accessories that seems spot on. I pre ordered a PS5 on 9/16 through Walmart for pickup (first mistake) Walmart supposedly only sent delivery/shipment information to Fedex on 11/12. FedEx Help (@FedExHelp) reported 18 minutes ago @ProjectEkuya Hello, my name is Carlos from the U.S. FedEx Social Media Customer Support team. I saw the driver on camera, stop at my neighbor's house, and could even hear him from my window climbing up my neighbor's steps, and drop off my PS5 and then mark it as delivered, and then drive past my house. Currently my PS5 is listed as being in a facility in Memphis and I was wondering if I will get an update when they send it out from there for actual delivery. For the Ramirez family, the trail goes cold at a FedEx facility on Zerega Avenue. First Responder Frustrated He Can't Get the PS5 He Ordered ... Malcolm Belfon tells NBC10 he was expecting a delivery on Nov. 13 that still hasn't come via FedEx, with no tracking update. Alternatively, there is a text message informing the recipients that the shipper has problems delivering the FedEx package. Yes definitely download the FedEx app. mookie1515. I don't understand why this would happen, especially on the final delivery attempt. It shipped Saturday and was in transit on Monday. Same with consoles. Doubtful. Ended: Nov 14 , 2020. Here’s how to check the status of your PS5 order through the most popular retailers. ** FEDEX w/ track: Condition: New. Oct 25, 2017 301. Wouldn't be surprised if the thing is delivered before I get said email. Fedex gives tracking information to me with a delivery date of 11/16; 11/16 update shows the unit is a state away. Among other things, one customer is accusing a FedEx driver of trying to steal their Series X . Changes delivery to 11/17 Condition is "New". Hoping to not have the same thing happen with my PS5, I stayed and watched with my Ring camera and tracking waiting for the truck to arrive on delivery day. It’s probably more by waves. SHIPPING & TRACKING FAQ 1) Where does direct.playstation.com ship to? My ps5 is actually moving now. Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) DIGITAL Edition **IN HAND - BRAND NEW** FEDEX OVERNIGHT. I was gutted early on when ps5 pre-orders sold out in the USA, happened to wake up at about 2:15 am and try just for giggles, and somehow, after almost 10 hours of being available and selling out online everywhere, I refreshed, refreshed, refreshed cart, confirmation, and payment pages multiple times each and managed to secure an in store pickup from best buy. It actually was waiting for pickup, so it was a week late. You have to create a FedEx account and choose "Advanced Shipment Tracking" under the "Tracking" tab. $39.99. 2nd payment the next business day after its deliverd SIGNUTURE REQUIRED BY FEDEX (buyer will be notified) Serious buyers only If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask text only before phone call I dont answer # I dont know Ashen ne (@Elias38465170) reported 14 minutes ago @NMJim2 @FedEx Same here!! I never even got a confirmation email from PlayStation Direct. The tracking link can take up to 48 hours to show up, even after you have received the shipment confirmation email. The tracking number will not be updated until the PS5 is shipped on November 13th - 18th (as soon as it arrives to us) If order is cancelled for any reason full refund will be sent that day. You might also need to sign up for the delivery manager first. ... Just got the fedex tracking for walmart. Check the status, options and tracking for a single order. Sony PlayStation 5 Bundle - PS5 Disc Console + Demon's Souls + Extra Controller. Thank you for answering my questions. Look up your order status on PlayStation's Official Site. I can’t find a weight but the dimensions are 22x17x17 if that helps Mine was 16 lbs. No one else has gotten any update. It wouldn't recognize my address, even though my house is 3 years old. says 29th. Edit: Tried to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager. My ps5 is lost too 郎 Horrible service. My status shows the label has been created as of 11/4 but no further information other than that. Dec 24, 2020 #28,803 Happy for ya'll! I just noticed under my account with the FedEx mobile app, its showing a completely new label and tracking into. Take it with a grain of salt as they are literally the ONLY two guys who are saying that. No one else has gotten any update. Winning bid: US $960.00 [ ... Sony Playstation 5 Dual Controller Charging Station Dock PS5 DualSense Charger. Based on target emails, I saw a lot of October 30th. All you want is that trusty FedEx tracking number. Check the fedex app for actual tracking use the same email as what you signed up for the order with 2021-01-01 21:22:37 @dawsonlemus Quick and widespread vaccination doesn’t seem to be neither a medical nor a public policy problem, but a logistics one. in hand! direct.playstation.com ships anywhere within the United States, however shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and certain other zip codes within the continental Unites States may experience an additional 1 to 2 business days for delivery. GameStop has had several PS5 restocks this month. Frank Ramirez, 18, was finally able to order the coveted PS5 directly from Sony in mid-November for $550. FedEx employees haven't exactly had the best track record lately, especially regarding the new Xbox. I managed to snag a ps5 direct order with a controller last Friday. Sony PS5- Disc Version NO RESERVE! Shipped with FedEx Standard Overnight. PS5 HD Camera was shipped separately couple of days later and had usps tracking # and tracking didnt update for 7days so that's why I asked for refund. Hopefully it doesnt have more than two stops and comes sooner than new year’s eve . Shipped next day FedEx Includes console, extra controller, and demon souls game Box will have some edge wear from shipping Will ship same day if payment is received before 4PM Central time. The original estimated delivery date was January 12th. Two guys on Reddit claim that their UPS and Fedex accounts updated with info saying a tracking label had been created from Target for their PS5. I didn't ask for full refund. FEDEX w/ track See original listing. Walmart insists this was incorrect. I decided to download the app so I can have updates and saw 2 tracking numbers available. Open the door and walk outside to see the FedEx truck driving off. I hate FedEx lol. Condition is "New". I got my PS5 preordered the day it was available but I ordered the accessories at a later date. The tracking info never updated since the 20th. PS5 fail: Amazon customers ... another unit will be hard to track down given the demand. My PS5 is leaving indiana.